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Choco mania

In a bar or by the bite, liquid or solid, black or white, sweet to bitter… the French are chocoholics. And to prove this, the 378 000 tons of chocolate consumed each year. After pasta, oil and sugar, the chocolate bar is the fourth biggest food sale in France!

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The Manzanista

A recipe signed Marie Brizard!
An ideal long dring ifor this summer...


From May 1st till September 30th 2014, waiters are invited to collect returnable bottles capsules and caps as well as those of the Evian and Badoit Prestige range

Taste of London: The week-end gourmet get...

The festival «Taste of London» will begin tomorrow, Friday 18th of June until Sunday 22nd of June, in Regent’s Park in London.

Laurent Cisneros - Château de Rouillac

Before there was wine, there was the vine. Laurent Cisneros invests as much love and respect in his land as in his wine, to the extent of committing to a stringent approach to sustainable agriculture.

La Ronde des Quartiers de Bordeaux

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